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Talking Standee

Creative with its Advertising way

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Talking Standee Package

Let the Standee do the Talking

When there is a customer or prospect passing by let the TalkingStandee do the talking and for sure it gives them a reason to turn their head and eventually drive them into your prospects list.

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TalkingStandee Product Variants

Interactive Talking Standee Pro

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Digital Talking Standee Retro

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Live Captures of Talking Standee Pro

Live Capture of TalkingStandee at T Hub

TalkingStandee at TiE Events

TalkingStandee at THE TALK event

Now Installing
Talking Standee has
got more simpler...

with an estimated Time
of 6 to 10 minutes

Top 6 Features      vs      Your Benefits

1. Super Easy interaction (Sensors Detection)

  • This doesn't ask your customer to do anything, not even a touch or any conscious interaction. Just their presence is what it asks for. Your brand's message is so well delivered while they are in the suprise call from the Talking Standee. This maps your brand with the Surprise feel and earns a special place in your customer's mind

2. Hikes Brand Recollection (visual & auditory message at a time)

  • This interaction through visual and auditory senses makes your brand stay for a longer time in your consumer's mind. Need to say more?

3. Crowd Intelligent (Adjustable interactivness based on crowd)

  • Based up on the crowd around, we can customise the interation, i.e the frequency of interaction, the range of detection, and the direction of detection can be set according to the experience you want to deliver.

4. Dual Mode Backlit Screen (Continous Lit anf Interactive mode)

  • You have a flexibility of using the backlit screen in two modes, one in continuously lit mode as a very normal one and the other one as lit up on presence. Your event or your premises, your way of communication.

5. Auto Volume Adjustment (Appropriate loudness)

  • The Auto Volume Adjustment does communicate the message with very appropriate loudness. So that the your premises will retain their serenity without disturbances. When a detected person is near will relatively less volume and when the person is far with relatively loud volume.

6. Replacable and multiple Audio Messages (replacable audio message)

  • You can deliver mutiple audio message and that's not all... You can change the audio messages so easily just uploading your mp3 file into the micro SD card.


  • Use this Standee for multiple campaigns by changing the audio file and poster so easily

  • Give your customers or clients a reason to remember you when they need your product or services

  • Double advertising effectiveness through audio and visual appeal in the Talking Standee

  • So easy to operate, and just change the setting by using the rotating switches

  • Be it an event or a store or a happening place, make your brands presence to the best

  • The foldability of the standee makes it easy to carry and also install within minutes.

  • A creative activitiy with our Talking Standee can also stand as a story that can go viral in Social Media.

  • The focus lights that work in two modes, increase the visibility of your message on standee to multiple folds

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