1. What kind of screen is it?

It's a non-digital poster that can be changed as many times as you want.

2. What’re the actual dimensions?

The dimensions can be customized to your requirement, but the prototype’s (the one in the video) dimensions are 6 feet x2 feet 2 inches.

3. Is the audio customizable?

The audio is very much customizable and can be changed any number of times.

4. Will there not be too much of noise where there is too much of crowd?

We can customize the programming as well, in such a way that for every detection of person we can put a time interval. Say for eg. after finishing the audio, 3 or 5 sec. gap can be placed even before it even starts detecting for another person.

5. What is the distance range of detection?

The distance of detection can be set to any distance between 10cm to 1.5 meter. This can reduce the over talking of the standee, because with a closer distance detection, the standee talks only when someone comes closer to it intentionally.

6. What are inclusions of this product?

Sensors, Rechargeable Batteries, Focus lights, wheels and a Speaker.

7. What are the set of customization possibilities?

  • Size & Dimension of the standee and display size of the poster
  • Programming of detection (distance and time interval)
  • Power source customization (internal/external)
  • Audio Speaker can be changed according to the need
  • Colour of the standee

  • 8. When a message is being played out, what will happen if another person is detected?

    The standee doesn’t detect anyone before it finishes its talking.

    9. How long the batteries can provide power?

    This can be customized to your requirement, it ranges from 12+ hours to 2 day and the recharging time would be approximately between 2 to 8 hrs.

    10. What are the colours of the standees available?

    The colours or the visual of the standee can be customized according to your brand colour pallet or its identity.